RISE: Module 1

Welcome to the very first module of RISE! In this Module, you'll receive a warm welcome, an overview of the various topics covered across the course, and an introduction to what it actually means to realise your potential. Simply click on the videos' play button to start watching and click on the workbook at the bottom of the page to download it in pdf form. 

Module 1.1 Welcome

Welcome to RISE! In this video, I explain why the pain and frustration that might have brought you here is great! I also share my own journey with unrealised potential.

Duration: 8:59 minutes

Module 1.2 Course overview

Here, you'll get a brief overview of how the course works and the topics covered across the eight modules.

Duration: 6:47 minutes

Module 1.3 What does it mean to realise your potential?

Let's get into it: What do people mean when they talk about realising their potential? How do you know if you're doing so? And what are the pros and cons? 

Duration: 16:10 minutes

Module 1.4 Exercises Workbook 1

At the end of each module, I briefly run you through the corresponding workbook exercises. Once you're done with that, click on the workbook below to begin the download.

Duration: 3:35 minutes