RISE: Module 2

In Module 2, we lay the scientific framework for the course. I explain the origins of self-actualisation research by Abraham Maslow, and how this has been updated and revised by Scott Barry Kaufman. Kaufman's sailboat metaphor provides the guiding principle in your quest to realise your potential. 

Module 2.1 Hierarchy of needs

Learn about the most significant researcher of self-actualisation to date: Abraham Maslow. I explain the human hierarchy of needs as well as the fun fact that Maslow never spoke of this pyramid model associated with him.

Duration: 14:23 minutes

Module 2.2 Sailboat metaphor

Module 2.2 introduces you to Kaufman's sailboat metaphor: an updated and more evidence-based framework that helps to understand what humans need in order to realise their potential.

Duration: 11:24 minutes

Module 1.3 Exercises Workbook 2

A brief overview of the exercises in Workbook 2, so that you can reflect on the theory and apply it to your personal circumstances.

Duration: 3:17 minutes