RISE: Module 4

You've done all the groundwork, so now it's time to look at the makeup of your potential. In Module 4, we take a look at passions and your purpose, your talents and strengths, and how you can combine these crucial aspects of your ideal self into one coherent self-concept. Once you've completed this, you'll be ready to articulate specific action steps to close the gap between your current and ideal self and create the self-congruence necessary to realise your potential.

Module 4.1 Passions & purpose

Let's start by understanding what passions are, how they develop and why exploring them is a great idea for anyone wanting to realise their potential. We then dive into the topic of purpose and how you can find yours. 

Duration: 15:36 minutes

Module 4.2 Talents & strengths

Another core aspect of realised potential, we discuss the similarities and differences between talents and strengths as well as the many benefits associated with working strengths-based.

Duration: 5:53 minutes

Module 4.3 Self-concept

Did you know that your self-concept is a key driver for motivating target behaviour? Here, I'll explain why that is and how you can put all your new insights into one coherent ideal concept of your self.

Duration: 7:12 minutes

Module 4.4 Exercises Workbook 4

A brief overview of the exercises in Workbook 4, so that you can reflect on the theory and apply it to your personal circumstances.

Duration: 7:40 minutes