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7 Great articles & 5 best TED talks about New Year's Resolutions (+summary & links)

New Year's resolutions are goals or commitments that people make at the beginning of the year to improve their lives or habits. These resolutions can be related to personal growth, health, relationships, career, or other areas of life. Popular examples of New Year's resolutions include exercising more, eating healthier, saving money, or learning a new skill.

Unfortunately, studies show that many people struggle to stick to their New Year's resolutions, and a significant number of people ultimately fail to achieve their goals. According to research, only about 8% of people achieve their New Year's resolutions. There are several factors that can contribute to this high failure rate, including setting unrealistic or vague goals, lack of planning and accountability, and lack of motivation or support.

However, it is important to remember that it is normal to encounter setbacks and challenges when working towards your goals, and that it is possible to learn from these experiences and adjust your approach. With determination and persistence, you can increase your chances of achieving your New Year's resolutions.

If you'd like to set resolutions for the year ahead and are looking for some inspiration to become part of those 8% of people who succeed with theirs, here's a list of articles and TED talks I hope you'll enjoy!

7 Great articles & 5 best TED talks about New Year's Resolutions (+summary & links)
7 Great articles & 5 best TED talks about New Year's Resolutions (+summary & links)

7 Articles about New Year's Resolutions

1. "10 Tips for Making and Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions" by Louise Smith on Gaiam

This article provides practical advice for setting and achieving your goals for the new year. Some tips include setting specific and achievable goals, enlisting the support of others, and using positive reinforcement. Read here.

2. "How to crush your goals this year" by Travis Bradberry on Forbes

This article discusses research-backed strategies for making your resolutions more likely to stick. Some strategies include setting specific and achievable goals, creating a plan, and enlisting the support of others. Read here.

3. "How to make (and keep) a new year's resolution" by Jen A. Miller in The New York Times

This article offers tips for setting and achieving your goals, including setting specific and achievable goals, creating a plan, and enlisting the support of others. Read here.

4. "Struggling with New Year's Resolutions? We can help" by The Guardian

This article provides guidance on how to set realistic and achievable goals and offers tips for staying on track and avoiding common pitfalls. Some tips include getting to know yourself, facing your fears and spending your willpower wisely. Read here.

5. "65 Rewarding New Year's Resolutions for a Healthy, Happy Life" by Zee Krstic in Good Housekeeping

This is a fun read suggesting new year's resolutions that go beyond the good old boring 'saving money, losing weight, or quitting smoking'. Read here.

6. "15 Ways To Make Sure Your New Year’s Resolution Sticks" by Ragnar Miljeteig on Lifehack

This article offers strategies for setting and achieving your goals, including setting small, achievable goals, using positive reinforcement, and enlisting the support of others. Read here.

7. "It’s Time to Rethink New Year’s Resolutions" by Kelsey Alpaio, Christine Liu, and Elainy Mata on Harvard Business Review

New year, new you? Are new year's resolutions too much pressure or not? And why do we like a fresh start? Read here.

6 Great TED talks to watch about New Year’s Resolutions

1. "The Happy Secret to Better Work" by Shawn Achor

In this talk, Shawn Achor discusses the importance of focusing on the positive and argues that happiness is the key to success. He suggests that by changing how we think about the world and our circumstances, we can increase our happiness and ultimately be more successful.

2. "The Surprising Science of Happiness" by Dan Gilbert

In this talk, Dan Gilbert discusses the psychology of happiness and argues that our brains are wired to pursue it. He also offers tips for increasing our happiness and well-being, such as focusing on the present, cultivating gratitude, and setting realistic expectations.

3. "The Power of Vulnerability" by Brené Brown

In this talk, Brené Brown discusses the importance of vulnerability and argues that it is essential for building strong relationships and achieving our goals. She suggests that by being open and honest about our vulnerabilities, we can build deeper connections with others and create space for growth and change.

4. "The Surprising Science of Motivation" by Dan Pink

In this talk, Dan Pink discusses the latest research on motivation and argues that traditional incentives are often not as effective as we think. He suggests that by focusing on factors such as autonomy, mastery, and purpose, we can increase motivation and productivity.

6. "Forget big change, start with a tiny habit" by BJ Fogg

In this talk, BJ Fogg argues that small, consistent habits are the key to lasting change. Rather than trying to make big, dramatic changes, we should focus on building tiny habits that can eventually lead to significant improvements in our lives.

I hope you enjoyed this read! And if you would ever like help from a qualified coach, you know where to find me 😉.

Happy New Year,

Maike x


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