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Resources to help you flourish

Love the concepts behind human flourishing and self-leadership science but find it all a little overwhelming? Then you'll love these ebooks and workbooks that take you through both theory and practice of what you need to thrive in life and lead yourself there - step by step.

All my books and tools are evidence-based (meaning they were written and developed based on what has been proven to be most effective) and easy to understand. The workbooks are full of practical exercises to support you to implement what you learn into practice - all, while being budget-friendly.

Click on the products to find out more about them. Any questions? Contact me.

"Maike is a great inspiration and source of wisdom for all of us striving to create a better world with zero waste of human potential! We have read all of her e-books and love them."

- Richard Gustaffson, CEO Forza of Sweden -
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