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Self-knowledge is a fundamental element of self-leadership. It is the degree to which we understand ourselves in our entirety. It takes into account our history and life experience and our knowledge about why we think and feel the way we do. It is the mental representation of who we are on the background of our whole life and includes knowledge about our talents and strengths, our beliefs, attitudes and values.


Self-knowledge allows you to understand why your experiences affect you and how. It answers questions such as:


  • What am I feeling and why?
  • What image do I have of myself and how does my self-image align with how others see me?
  • What do I perceive as my strengths and limitations?
  • What are my values?
  • What is my sense of purpose?
  • How can I contribute to my community and be of service to others?


When pondering these questions, the importance of having a sense of who you are and its role in self-leadership becomes obvious very quickly. In order to identify the journey you want to take in your life, what dreams you hope to realise and goals you strive to achieve, you have to understand what you're all about and where you’re at right now. Because only then will you be truly equipped to avoid inner conflict, exhibit self-control, and make decisions that will lead to your happiness; and only then will you see clearly what you're hoping for and have the power to realise that. That is why the first step in self-leadership is dedicated entirely to you and to equipping you with the tools to answer this one question: who are you?


These cards will help you to answer that question - one card at a time.


[Please note that this is a self-print version.]

Self-discovery Card Deck (self-print version)

$19.99 Regular Price
$14.99Sale Price
  • pdf document

    10 pages including instructions

    52 cards ready to be printed

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