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Dr Maike Neuhaus is a sought-after international speaker, including keynotes, motivational speaking, and corporate engagements. Talk topics range from flourishing science and positive psychology to self-leadership, performance and successful habit-building - below are some examples. If you are interested in engaging Dr Maike for your workplace or event, please complete the form on the contact page or email

Australian Association of Psychologists Inc, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Towards complete mental health

What exactly is positive psychology, how has its scientific rigour developed over the years, and can it offer any contributions to therapeutic settings? These are the questions I answered in this talk. Delving into key concepts like flourishing, languishing, and evidence-based Positive Psychology Interventions, attendees gained practical insights to complement their therapeutic methods.

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International Conference on Behavioral Sciences and Applied Psychology, SINGAPORE

Keynote speaker: Self-leadership 2.0

In this keynote, I'll address contemporary trends and challenges in the field of self-leadership, and highlight opportunities to complement the current framework with insights from positive psychology research. 

The Psych Careers Service, London UK

Designing research in an academic role

In this virtual presentation to members of the UK's Psych Career Service, I'll share how I designed and conducted my own research studies during the course of my PhD.  I'll share relevant steps, traps to look out for and key lessons learnt.

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Regional council, Queensland AUSTRALIA

Resilience & psychological flexibility

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from difficult experiences, challenges, or adversity. It is a psychological quality that allows people to adapt and cope with difficult situations, and to continue functioning despite experiencing difficult or stressful events. Psychological flexibility is the ability to adapt and respond to different situations in a flexible and effective manner. Both are crucial skills for a flourishing workforce to cultivate. In this session, I explain how.

Regional council, Queensland AUSTRALIA

Social intelligence & communication

Social intelligence is the ability to understand and navigate social situations effectively. It involves being able to interpret the intentions, motivations, and emotions of other people, and to respond appropriately. People with high social intelligence are typically good at building relationships, communicating with others, and resolving conflicts. In this session, I explain how team members can increase their social IQ.


Regional council, Queensland AUSTRALIA


Emotional intelligence & regulation

In this online workshop, I'll address one of the most common challenges positive psychology students and graduates face: trembling nerves during job interviews. I'll share current research on mindfulness techniques, different ways to practice, and my favourite apps.

The Psych Careers Service, London UK

Mindfulness: A key to beat anxiety during job interviews

In this online workshop, I'll address one of the most common challenges positive psychology students and graduates face: trembling nerves during job interviews. I'll share current research on mindfulness techniques, different ways to practice, and my favourite apps.

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Regional council, Queensland AUSTRALIA

Comprehensive self-leadership

What is self-leadership? How does it increase productivity? How is self-leadership related to flourishing, in particular at work? And how can we become more efficient self-leaders? These questions are addressed in a 60-minute lunch & learn session for a regional council in Australia.

The Food Medic, London UK

Keys to successful goalsetting

Together with Dr Hazel Wallace, NHS doctor, Whoop Scientific Advisor and founder of The Food Medic, and Adrienne Herbert, leading wellness professional and creator of The Power Hour, I will talk about evidence-based goalsetting strategies for new year's resolutions (and beyond) in a fun and powerful webinar 'Work Smarter, Not Harder'.

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Regional council, Queensland AUSTRALIA

Organisational trust & psychological safety

How do you establish organisational trust and psychological safety - and what is the difference between the two? These questions are at the forefront of this lunch & learn session with a regional council in Queensland, Australia.

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International Islamic University, Islamabad PAKISTAN

Deep happiness & finding purpose

What is happiness? How can we increase the likelihood of finding deep and lasting happiness in life? And how is this linked to finding purpose in life? These are the questions I'll answer in a presentation to psychology, sociology and business students an the International Islamic University in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Regional Council, Queensland AUSTRALIA

Flourishing Organisations

A flourishing workforce is the key to creating a thriving organisation. In this lunch & learn session, I will explain what flourishing is, the emotional, social and psychological wellbeing elements humans need to flourish, as well as some positive leadership strategies that will foster a flourishing work environment.

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British Psychological Society, London UK

Keynote speaker: Career pathways in psychology

Part of the Psychology Careers Festival, I will share my experience with carving my own (unconventional) career pathway - from occupational psychology, to health psychology research, lecturing, and finally working for myself as a positive psychology practitioner.

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The University of Queensland, Brisbane AUSTRALIA

New insights into self-actualisation

During one of the university's positive psychology labs, I will introduce the findings from Scott Barry Kaufman's research on self-actualisation and discuss pathways to realising one's potential.

The Citco Group of Companies, London UK

Flourishing: The missing link to complete mental health

If you think that mental health is the mere absence of mental illness, you're not alone. In the context of mental health awareness month, I talk to staff about complete mental health, and how to flourish and create work-life balance. 

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The Psych Careers Service, London UK

How to flourish in your psychology career

In this virtual workshop, I teach members of the UK's Psych Careers Service how to flourish in their psychology careers despite not always FEELING happy or motivated. 

BGA Connect, Brisbane AUSTRALIA

From living zombie to fully alive: How to find deep happiness & live with purpose

In this interactive workshop in the context of an event for International Women's Day, I spoke about how to live a meaningful life and tap into our unlived potential.

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