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What’s Your ‘Easy-Out’?

We’re all guilty of it. We see the lovely yoga pants in the beautiful colour. If I just get those, I will be so motivated to wear them and exercise.

Or the piece of expensive equipment that is guaranteed to help us lose weight (that we use maybe twice and then it sits there, mocking us as it collects dust instead).

Or the gym membership offer that was too good an offer to miss out on. Because of course this time we will go – we are so ready for this!

At the time, it never seems like an easy out. A quick fix. A band-aid solution. It always seems like this is the thing that will help us achieve our goals. We’ve been ready and now this quick fix option is here and we are certain it is the solution.

Or that is what we have been told, repetitively.

We are led to believe it is just this or just that – sign up here – don’t miss this offer – take advantage of the sale – you need this to be fit/healthy/happy …the list goes on. We are bombarded with modern-day marketing telling us the options are there – and there are so many options to choose from.

Of course, if we choose not to take any of the offers up, we must be inherently lazy.

If we do take action but end up stopping short of the finish line, we must lack motivation and/or will power.

And if we find it doesn’t work for us at all– well there must be something wrong with us! (See, everyone else can do it, so why can’t you?) We’ve failed at reaching our goals with any of these ‘easy out’ options.

The thing no one tells you (especially the people selling these things to you!) is that the easy-out option generally isn’t going to work anyway.

It isn’t going to work if it is a ‘quick fix’, or an impulse or if it really doesn’t suit your values, goals and lifestyle – no matter how much you wish it did.

It isn’t easy striving towards our goals, and of course we want to utilise all the resources we have available to us to make this happen. So, it can be easy to choose an ‘easy out’, thinking it is THE tool that will help us cross the finish line - when in fact we don’t really need it at all.

But the secret to exercising daily or finding the job you love is not dependent on an ‘easy out’.

It is about

  • spending the time knowing and understanding yourself first

  • learning why some habits stick and others don’t

  • understand what we need to do BEFORE we even attempt to change our routine

  • creating a mindset for happiness and success

  • knowing how to optimise our motivation and willpower WITHOUT relying on them and

  • expecting obstacles along the path, rather than believing we can ride that initial excitement wave forever and into the sunset.

Only then should you look at the ‘easy options’ with fresh eyes. Not viewing them as a crux or a fix or an ‘if only I had this then I could do that’, but as a choice and willing step towards your goal.

Heck yes those yoga pants are gorgeous on – and they feel even better because I wore out my old ones from daily yoga practice!

If you want to learn more about creating the mindset behind happiness and success, and how to reach those goals you have always wanted, especially after trying so many things and realising they don’t work for you, take a look at our FRESH START Online Program, because it may be just what you need.

Maike x

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