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Realise your potential & create impacts that excite you

Are you flourishing?

You are driven, maybe even 'have it all', and yet you find yourself languishing, feeling stuck, uninspired by life and wondering 'IS THIS IT'?
Your team is disengaged and not performing to their highest potential?

I help people and organisations understand what humans need to flourish, create mental wellbeing and be deeply happy, so that they can find their flow and lust for life, realise their potential, and create impacts that excite them.

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Does this sound familiar?

You have it all: a good job, a family, the house with the white picket fence.

You've basically ticked nearly every box on your bucket list for life. And yet somehow, you're not as happy as you thought you would be by now. You've been working hard to create a good life for yourself, but somehow find yourself wondering if there's more to life or if this is it for the next couple of decades until it's all over. Midlife crisis comes to mind.

You feel like you're on autopilot more often than not: coffee, work, sleep – repeat.

You'd describe yourself as a mix of functioning machine and living zombie. You feel 'blah' or 'meh' - in other words, you're languishing (the opposite of flourishing). Excitement for life, deep fulfillment and purposeful living are things you'd love to experience, but at the moment feel rather distant.

You feel stuck. There’s something you know you should be doing, but have been unable to do.

Whether this is looking after yourself by living a healthier lifestyle, such as exercising regularly or eating better, take charge of your career and finally do work that you love, or getting on top of your wealth, so you can do more of the things that excite you. Somewhere along the pathway of life you got stuck where you currently are. And while you’ve known that something needs to change for a while, you haven’t been able to make it happen, no matter how often you’ve tried.

Or maybe you feel like something is missing. You feel uninspired, flat and unmotivated.

You know you’re not living to your full potential, but you’re feeling confused about what to change and how. Somehow your life has taken a trajectory you never really planned or wanted, but you just don’t know where to start in order to create the life that excites you. You feel overwhelmed by all the things you could and should be doing and can’t see the forest for the trees.

You know that if you keep going this way, the problem won’t solve itself.

In fact, it will probably get worse. You know that you are capable of so much more than this and you know that you are wasting your potential. You know it’s time to change this once and for all, but you don’t know where to start and how to make it happen.

The good news is that there is actually a ton of research that tells us exactly what we need in order to flourish - and how to get there.

Dr Maike Neuhaus | the flourishing doc

I get it.

For as long as I can remember, I had a fascination with the phenomenon that some people seem to be able to create the life of their dreams, while others struggle from one hurdle to the next, are uninspired, unmotivated and unhappy. It’s what drove me to study the human mind - psychology.

But I've also had my own fair share of challenges

From struggling to exercise regularly in younger years, my nearly lifelong journey to find the job that would give me a deep sense of meaning, overcoming a health diagnosis that turned my life upside down, or the emotional roller-coaster I went through when I realised that my so-called 'perfect' life didn’t actually FEEL perfect at all and I knew I had to change something.

Even worse – I felt as though I should have it all figured out by now! 

After all, I studied psychology for 5 years (MPsych), and attained a doctorate (PhD) identifying the most effective strategies to help people create desired lifestyle changes. I became a qualified coach in Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and Acceptance Commitment Training (ACT), and a self-leadership expert. I knew about all there is to know about how to successfully attain goals and help others do the same.

So, if I was smashing all my goals, why wasn't I happy?

Because attaining goals won't ever make us happy unless they are aligned to what we need to flourish or be deeply happy. And while we all want to be happy, research shows that we often pursue goals that we think will make us happy but don't. It's called 'miswanting' and if you ask me, it's mind-boggling.

What do we need to flourish?

This question is answered by positive psychology research - a relatively new discipline. There are certain elements we all need to flourish, so the first step is to understand them. The second step is to identify what they might look like for us individually, applied to our individual personality, passions, values, and hopes. Over the years, I became a certified positive psychology practitioner and university lecturer.


These days, I share this knowledge through my ebooks and workbooks, online courses, workshop facilitation, public speaking, and coaching. Nothing makes me happier (pardon the pun) than helping my clients understand what humans need to flourish AND how to attain those goals, so they can create a truly satisfying experience of the gift that life is.

In the meantime...

Most importantly, I practice what I preach. Over the years, I've quit my Monday-to-Friday 9-5 hamster wheel  life and have become my own boss doing work I love! I live with my family by the beach in sunny Australia, and we're currently gearing up to travel the world fulltime. That's what fills my heart and gets me excited.

And whatever your dreams may be, I'd love to support you achieve them, too.


"Maike worked with myself and the BPS Careers Team to support with the BPS' inaugural Psychology Careers Festival in October/November 2022. After an initial conversation Maike kindly agreed to be one of our opening and keynote speakers to kick off the programme of events. The talk Maike delivered was perfectly pitched to our audience of UK psychology students and graduates and tailored to the UK psychology market with a lot of nuances which resonated with them. Maike spoke with passion and authenticity, speaking about her own journey and career and provided some inspiring advice for those interested in psychology and positive psychology. It was a real pleasure to listen to Maike speak.

In the run up to the event Maike supported us with social media and was breeze to work with in getting things organised. It really helped to bolster numbers to her talk. I wouldn't think twice of inviting Maike back to speak to our audience again and cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Maike!"

 - James Goodwin, Careers Manager, The British Psychological Society, UK - 

My Offer

Below are the links to the key services and resources I offer to help you thrive. I strive to develop options suitable for all budgets (in addition to all the free resources I offer, such as blog posts, newsletters, free masterclasses and guides). However, if you would like to access any of these without having the financial means, please contact me, so I can inform you of sales, free giveaway events or to negotiate a more affordable rate. I'd love to make the science of flourishing accessible to everyone.

Reading flourishing and self-leadership ebook
Completing online course in flourishing and self-leadership by the flourishing doc
Dr Maike Neuhaus conducting a flourishing and self-leadership coaching session


I offer various ebooks and workbooks on the topics of flourishing and self-leadership. All evidence-based but written jargon-free, these are a great low-cost option to get you started.


Online courses are a great means to dive deeper into verious topics from my signature course FRESH START to finding deep happiness, or realising your full potential.


If you're ready to take action and would like a helping hand identifying what exactly it is that you need, where to start, and how to make it all happen, coaching is your best option.

All humans have an innate need to live a meaningful life, realise their potential & be deeply happy

And if you’re reading these lines, you might be hoping for a more flourishing life, too. Unfortunately, happiness isn’t (yet) taught at school and research shows that we don’t intuitively understand what we need in order to thrive in life, which leaves many of us in a place of feeling stuck, directionless, and languishing.

I believe it’s never too late to grab life with both hands and start living fully. I also understand that gaining clarity of what we personally need and want, and making corresponding life changes can seem daunting and challenging, which is why I’m here to support you.

You can book a free call with me now to chat about where you’re at and what a great next step could look like for you. In the meantime, grab my free happiness guide to get you started on your journey from languishing and stuckness to flourishing and feeling alive.

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